Failover Cluster ISCSI over domain Controller

I was trying to make a fail over cluster using the following settings

VM 1= SQLA, Domain Controller

VM2= SQLP, Domain computer

Moreover I have created three iscsi drives on the SQLA machine. the idea was to use these disks while creating the fail over Cluster. The Drives were created successfully on SQLA machine and even the SQLP machine initiator machine was able to  connect to the drives.

After running the Validation before creating the cluster I received the Following Warning1

Solution: First of all a cluster can not be created on domain controller machine. both the machine needs to be in the same organization unit.

however when we try creating the cluster we receive the following errors:



the “cluster service” stops responding and even the iscsi Drive created in the target doesn’t shows up.

so in order to resolve this issue, turn the Cluster Service to disable and restart the Microsoft ISCSI target service. this will at least bring back your iscsi drives on target.

Once again the cluster will not be created on domain controller machine. and the cluster service will only be enabled once the cluster is setup between at least two computers.

Moreover in order to remove the node from the failed cluster you need to run the power shell command:

For Removing the Cluster nodes, when failed to load:

import-module failoverclusters

moreover these are some more helping Cluster Commands once the cluster is created successfully:

getting the cluster name created
getting the specific cluster created
Get-Cluster -Name Cluster1



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