Retrieve records using Fetch XML & Java Script in CRM 2011/13

beautifully explained fetch XML

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Task: Retrieve Arun Potti Business Phone on onload of Contact record in Contact Entity using FetchXML & Javascript


Step 1: Goto, and download the Zip folder. Unzip XrmServiceToolkit the folder.

Step 2: Open the XrmServiceToolkit folder, you can find the below Javascript files.

FetchXML - Pic 1

Goto Microsoft Dynamics CRM –> Settings –> Customization –> Webresources.

Create jquery, json2 and XrmServiceToolkit javascript webresources. While creating web resources browse for the respective files and provide the path of XRMServiceToolkit.

Step 3: Add all 3 files to the contact entity,

FetchXML - Pic 2

Step 4: Goto Microsoft Dynamics CRM –> Sales –> Contacts, click on Advance find button. Create new criteria as shown below by clicking on New button,

FetchXML - Pic 3

Step 5: Click on Download Fetch XML button, to get FetchXML code. You can see the below XML,

<fetch version="1.0" output-format="xml-platform" mapping="logical" distinct="false">  <entity name="contact">    <attribute name="fullname" />    <attribute name="telephone1" />    <attribute name="contactid" />…

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